Curbside and COLD at Midnight

Luggage photo for travel blog.

Traveling stress and hassle free includes not using baggage claim, regardless of whether it is the holiday season.  On a recent trip to MSP,
I was so preoccupied with avoiding baggage claim at my destination, I didn’t pay attention to signs directing to Arrivals.  Midnight, curbside and waiting, waiting…realizing I was standing in Departures with no hope of being found quickly in the cold. This was me! Who else has had a long day and done something goofy like this?  My husband was circling the Arrival area listening to me saying,” I don’t see you”!  Moral of this story?  If I had checked a bag and picked it up in Baggage Claim I would have walked out to the Arrival area without giving it a thought.  When you are sleep deprived and losing hours due to time changes CHECK YOUR BAGS!

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