Hampton Inn Late Night Holiday Hospitality

Hampton Inn Welcome Bag

Hampton Inn       Welcome Bag


My husband has traveled to Minnesota for work each week for over a year.  He is a Consultant and I am the constant Homemaker and Teacher.  This is our lifestyle and we live it with ZEST!  I joined him this weekend in the state of Minnesota, U.S.A.  I arrived …at his Hampton Inn “home” (for over a year) and received the warmest hospitality.  Each staff member greeted me and introduced themselves.  Their professional manner was sugar coated with genuine kindness.  I have visited my husband’s work hotels (homes) all over the world and have never been received as warmly as a guest at the Hampton Inn.  I’ll be writing the Hilton about our experience and ask them to give kudos to their hard working Minnesotans.  Find kindness in your holiday travels.  It can make all the difference.  Attached is a picture of the welcome bag I was handed when I arrived in the middle of the night and was met by one of the night receptionists.

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