Meet Mr. Teacup

Meet Mr. Teacup and all the ways I dressed him up.  On my recent trip to Minnesota I loved the cute hot beverage cups at the Hampton Inn.  When you are in Minnesota in December you tend to grab a cup of tea each time you leave the hotel or come back in.  I chose to save my four cups and show all the ways you can dress up Mr. Teacup.  While traveling this Holiday season don’t forget to have some fun, even with the silliest of things.  How many of your kids would laugh at this and feel a little less stressed from not sleeping in their own bed?  These cups are part of a whole family of cups you can dress and decorate, there are the mustache group, like my collection below, and then lots of other lip options.  Where ever, when ever you travel, take some time, enjoy the moment, even if it is just with having fun with a cup!

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