First Brunch of 2016- The Mission

One of the things I love most about living where I do is the amazing weather we have during these winter months.  While many are thinking about shoveling driveways or whether school will actually start Monday, I was concerned with getting a beautiful table reserved for a family brunch this weekend.  The hubby and I were able to share our first brunch of 2016 with some special family members.  It was such a wonderful experience sipping mimosas and enjoying good conversation in the old backyard patio of what I believe was a building next to and probably used for the original Mission Church built in 1933 in Old Town Scottsdale.  This is our first brunch of the year, a welcome change from many weeks of watching NFL football after church on Sundays.  I tried the Crab and Corn Pancakes, they were delish!  Between the good food and fun with family, I only remembered to capture one picture, but it’ll make you hungry I’m sure.

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