No More Christmas

I must admit I am one of those people that finds December 26th or whatever date is the end of my “Christmas festivities” to be totally sad.  I love Christmas and look forward to it each year.  I don’t want it to rush and get here soon, I just love enjoying the season and all it means.  I love the special food, the cooking projects we set out to accomplish while on break, and all the fun times with people you love.  We keep our Christmas decor up till the Greek Orthodox Christmas and then take it down that following weekend.  That for us, was this past weekend.  We disassembled the two trees, the village on top of our kitchen cabinets, the little scenes of decor we create throughout the space using spare wall and floor space, and the lights and garland outside.  We have an orange tree that we do keep lit for special occassions, it has light balls on it like you will see in many downtown areas, but that is nothing compared to how our house is normally lit with the swags of garland and each pillar lit up.  The fortunate thing about all of this is the hubby and I feel the same way about Christmas.  He loves to go all out as much as me and he hates to see the season end as well.  We are like a support system for one another.  I digress though.  I say all this to explain where our emotions are.  We spent the majority of Saturday taking down the decor, organizing, marking anything for donations/throw away, and getting it all back in the attic.  I haven’t really decorated for Valentine’s Day before but would like to get a few things.  So when I returned home after a long day of work last night I must admit the house felt a little empty and certainly wasn’t as well lit.  I had to read last night by a lamp, not a Christmas tree!  Can you only imagine?!  There was one bright spot though.  Some very special friends gave me a pitcher for our table, I have it filled with these lit branches on a timer, so when I arrived I was able to look back to our dining room and see this lit up.  I apologize for the hangers and shirt sleeve in the picture, I laid out laundry to dry in the morning and just felt it was appropriate to keep things real for all of you.  🙂  This is my bright little festive area of the house.  Now I must ask, how do you feel about taking down the decor and when did you take it down?

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