Do you steep your tea?

steeped tea- Foodiefad- ©  I love tea, especially this time of year there is nothing like a nice hot cup of tea or a cuppa if you are watching Downtown Abbey 🙂  For my fellow tea fanatics I must admit I don’t prepare tea correctly most of the time.  Typically I want a cup of tea as soon as possible, so once my beautiful kettle is whistling away I pour the water in the cup and drink as soon as my mouth can handle the heat.  Recently I was reading the back of the package of one of my new favorite teas and decided to follow the directions to steep the tea.  I must admit the tea tastes delicious and is the perfect temperature after waiting the 10 minutes to steep, however it does take some planning for me to remember to do this.  So I must ask, do you steep your tea?

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