Another week, another soup, Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Another cold week produces another hearty soup.  I am not a big fan of Chicken Pot Pie, the hubby is.  I love the filling but the pastry crust is not something I am normally in the mood for.  If I am going to make a pie crust then I say we should eat a traditional Read more about Another week, another soup, Chicken Pot Pie Soup[…]



A “light” went on during my daydream featuring photographic memories of my childhood summer trips to my Aunt Nora and Uncle Alf’s dairy farm in Wisconsin, U.S.A.  I realized I was engrained with the mindset “Sustainable Agriculture”.  This relatively new term is a common thread in today’s modern farms.   Most of us have a backyard that may have room for a patio, picnic table, grassy patch and a swimming pool.  You may say, “How am I able to practice “Sustainable Agriculture” in a small space?  Consider taking up this challenge […]

Vegetable Soup: another way to get our veggies

I’ve been enjoying a new cookbook we got last Fall, “Nordstrom’s Family Table Cookbook,” a delightful addition if you have ever enjoyed a meal at one of their cafe’s in the midst of a day of shopping.  It has been cold here and soup has been the perfect way to get a lot of fresh Read more about Vegetable Soup: another way to get our veggies[…]

Presidential Preferences

I just stumbled across this article and thought it was a fun way to end President’s Day.  When you look at the list of George Washington’s favorite foods: cherries hoecakes fish hot chocolate a big roast or Abraham Lincoln’s favorite foods: chicken fricassee gingerbread corn cakes apples almond cake do you find that you have Read more about Presidential Preferences[…]

What is convenient?

Today, I grabbed my jar of homemade vegetable soup and some crostinis to make a convenient lunch that I could heat up at work.  On the way home I purchased organic ramen at a healthy grocer so my sick hubby could make a quick soup while working.  Tomorrow I am planning to stop at Starbucks Read more about What is convenient?[…]