Face of an Immigrant Child… U.S.A. Citizen Helped Make Our Nation Great!

I have held this image dear to my heart ever since I prepared his memorial program several years ago.  This photo of little “George” could be the face of an immigrant child today.  Please take a moment to burn his image into your mind. […]

The Most Romantic Restaurant

In June will be my husband Heath and I’s seventh wedding anniversary…lucky number seven. I have been thinking a lot about how we can celebrate it, what I can do, and perhaps what I can make for him…let’s put it this way I have a Pinterest board dedicated to the event.  We girls tend to Read more about The Most Romantic Restaurant[…]

Food Obsessed Youth

There is some interesting research being done about millennials and food.  This research will tell us self-proclaimed foodies what the next generation of self-proclaimed foodies will do with their food budget, how they’ll create this budget, the types of foods they will buy, and the way they want to buy it.  What I was shocked Read more about Food Obsessed Youth[…]

Potlucks are Illegal in Arizona

First thought when I read this article was WHAT?!  Having been born and raised in Arizona I can remember attending church potlucks at my Grandma’s church or going over to people’s houses for barbeques and such that were potluck style.  To learn that potlucks are illegal in Arizona and Representative Townsend is addressing this law Read more about Potlucks are Illegal in Arizona[…]

Recipe Fail: How I Ruined my Banana Bread Recipe

Ruined.  One word, that is all I could use to describe it.  I really ruined a recipe I find to be an old stand by.  My banana bread is something I have been given many compliments on; so in an attempt to make it a complete meal I practiced with adding hemp powder.  Let me Read more about Recipe Fail: How I Ruined my Banana Bread Recipe[…]