Recipe Fail: How I Ruined my Banana Bread Recipe

recipe fail- © foodiefadRuined.  One word, that is all I could use to describe it.  I really ruined a recipe I find to be an old stand by.  My banana bread is something I have been given many compliments on; so in an attempt to make it a complete meal I practiced with adding hemp powder.  Let me just share that it did not work!  In fact, it is fair to say I ruined the bread.  You might be scratching your head thinking why is she sharing such thoughts with us?!  Well, I have read numerous food blogs, chef’s recipes, and other creative thoughts from foodies and I have found myself wondering what mistakes they make.  In fact some you may feel never do.  Having experienced with creating my own recipes, many times trying to add a more nutritious element to these recipes I can say that I have messed up more than a few.  Some of my very best recipes have come from some tries that just did not work.  Well, now after experiencing with baking with hemp powder I can honestly say I need to do more research.  The loaf above, after taking the picture, went right into the trash, it was so chewy it could not be salvaged.  So the next time you burn something or try a creation that doesn’t work, fear not friend, we have all been there.  I hope that gives you a little peace of mind or this can allow you to laugh as you think of your own kitchen flub ups.

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