Potlucks are Illegal in Arizona

potlock- © foodiefadFirst thought when I read this article was WHAT?!  Having been born and raised in Arizona I can remember attending church potlucks at my Grandma’s church or going over to people’s houses for barbeques and such that were potluck style.  To learn that potlucks are illegal in Arizona and Representative Townsend is addressing this law made me stop in my tracks as I read.  Then as I pondered on this realization I decided I now had the best excuse ever when someone insisted they bring something to a party we have, I’ll just say “we’ll take care of everything, I am sorry I just don’t want to commit a crime!”  Now I just hope this law changes in time for our Olympics cooking contest this summer….but perhaps since it is a contest it doesn’t count as a potluck! 🙂

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