Food Obsessed Youth

blueberry pancakes 1- © foodiefadThere is some interesting research being done about millennials and food.  This research will tell us self-proclaimed foodies what the next generation of self-proclaimed foodies will do with their food budget, how they’ll create this budget, the types of foods they will buy, and the way they want to buy it.  What I was shocked to learn is that this generation is spending $96 billion on their food purchases, more than many other generations that typically have a greater budget for disposable income and splurge purposes.  So the question is what do we do with this information?  How do you see food companies changing?  What types of food do you think will be en vogue and not?  For starters I see transparency among food labels changing a lot and this generation will demand it even more.  It doesn’t mean that junk food won’t still be consumed, but can it at least have whole wheat flour so it feels like less junk to us?  So what are your thoughts? Do identify with a lot of the information on this infographic? I’m going to go think about it over my organic, non-gmo, sustainably harvested, cold pressed coconut water…

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