The Most Romantic Restaurant

In June will be my husband Heath and I’s seventh wedding anniversary…lucky number seven. I have been thinking a lot about how we can celebrate it, what I can do, and perhaps what I can make for him…let’s put it this way I have a Pinterest board dedicated to the event.  We girls tend to get into events like this.  Heath is great, it is not that he isn’t into anniversaries and celebrations, he’ll think and plan this in his own way…without a Pinterest board.  I think I am finding this anniversary a bit more monumental because when we were in our pre-marriage classes at church and planning our wedding we kept hearing about the seven year itch or the seven year mark for divorce.  Perhaps this is why the seven year anniversary may feel, for a non-scientific reason or not (the research is mixed), that this is an important anniversary and time to focus on our marriage and those quality time experiences.  So who doesn’t love a romantic getaway to a beautiful Italian cave overlooking the ocean?  While I don’t believe Heath and I will be spending our anniversary dinner at Grotta Palazzese Hotel Restaurant one can certainly enjoy the pictures, right?  Is this the most romantic restaurant on earth? No.  I think  it is beautiful but I think beauty is more about who you are with, that is what makes it romantic.  One of the most romantic meals Heath and I have had so far,  our first meal in our home.  I can’t tell you what we had that Friday night, what dishes we served the meal on, or any of those details, but I distinctly remember sitting there looking at him, at Abby and Fitch (our cats) and thinking what an important and poignant time this was for us as a family.  What is your more romantic “restaurant?”

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