Pillow Fight “Down” Under

Laundry sorting enemy number one:  tag that says “DRY CLEAN ONLY!”  Disclaimer: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME

What are you able to accomplish at home on a three day weekend? Most people would say, “catch up on housekeeping and laundry”.  Laundry was at the top of my list during the 4th of July weekend.  Various common sorting techniques involve strategy.   Granted, it’s not a war, […]

Lobster and Manchego Sandwich…lunchtime bliss…a leftover inspiration!

One of the things I love about being a teacher and teaching summer school is that I am off in the afternoon and can make lunch at home.  I recently took some leftover lobster, chopped it in large pieces, and created a sandwich.  I took a roll, added some mayo, the lobster, and manchego, baked Read more about Lobster and Manchego Sandwich…lunchtime bliss…a leftover inspiration![…]

Sisters Journey to America 1912 SS Oscar II

The year was 1912 in the month of September, the first day of the sea journey to America for four sisters from Sweden on the SS Oscar II.

Rosali Magnhild F. born 1894, Fanny Rebeck F. born 1885, Wendla Dorothea F. born 1890 and Anna Eugenia F. born 1898 left their home near Stockholm, Sweden sailing to  America for opportunities to work and one to sight see.  Rosalie’s daughter Gunny talks about her mother’s journey, new life in Newark N.J. and the unforeseen hardship for Wendla.  This story inspires new immigrants to learn the English language through their employment and church affiliation.  Legal immigration in the early 1900’s through Ellis Island offered hope, a promise of employment and faith for the future.  Photos that document immigrant’s sea journeys to America offer a vibrant look into the true courage of each passenger.  It is not often you hear about the journey through a living direct descendant like Gunhild […]