Lobster and Manchego Sandwich…lunchtime bliss…a leftover inspiration!

One of the things I love about being a teacher and teaching summer school is that I am off in the afternoon and can make lunch at home.  I recently took some leftover lobster, chopped it in large pieces, and created a sandwich.  I took a roll, added some mayo, the lobster, and manchego, baked open face till the cheese melted, and then topped with sprouts and greens.  I wasn’t sure if the cheese and lobster combination would work, but of it so did!  I highly recommend making a sandwich like this.  Do you ever get inspiration or extra creative with leftovers?  What is a something you made that you weren’t sure the combo worked but it turned out great?

Lobster and manchego grilled sandwich- 1 © foodiefad Lobster and manchego grilled sandwich- 2 © foodiefad

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