Quick Dinner Idea: Charcuterie Plate

One of my hubby and I’s favorite quick dinners or light dinners is to make a characuterie plate. This is such an easy, good tasting, and fresh meal I am not willing to pay $15 to $20 for this while out at a restaurant. Grab some of your favorites…olives, fruit, marinated veggies like mushrooms or artichokes, Read more about Quick Dinner Idea: Charcuterie Plate[…]

Toast the Olympic Games in Rio with Guaraná

A visit to Brazil is a trip of a lifetime. The cliché could be applied to many countries around the world, yet this nation has natural resources, flora and fauna that are unique.

People gather to view the Olympic Games opening ceremonies; watching athletes from nations worldwide uniting in a spirit of peace. The excitement is shared between the athletes and their home countries.

The eyes of the world are on Rio. Toast Rio 2016 Olympic Games with […]