Compassion for Refugees: ACTION REQUIRED

Would you be willing to leave your homeland to save your life?  What would you put in your pocket to eat or sew into your hemline to save a precious item?  Does this sound like a story about the refugees in WWII?  No! This is current news.  Since I have written the first draft of this post many more souls have died at sea.  Listen to the silent cry buried in the news media and ask yourself, “would I be willing to help?”  There are many governments, organizations and church based groups who are acting by donating direct resources to refugee families.  The example set forth in this blog may be the “blueprint” you were looking for to establish a program to help refugee families.

I read streaming news on major network morning and evening programs.  Whenthere is an important script, I look up the story online for complete coverage.  Recently, a silent script appeared that “screamed” at me…another boat of refugees capsized in the sea. 43 people dead and 150 rescued:

Desperate people risk their lives to save their lives.  They are cast upon the sea in overcrowded vessels, often at a great price.  The hope must be worth the price.  Truly, this should be headline news instead of a silent streaming message at the bottom of a monitor or television screen.


Opportunities to participate in helping refugees that reach your home shores may be closer than you think.  I was introduced to a phenomenal website by Tami Engram, Director of Women’s Ministries at Desert Springs Community Church in Goodyear, AZ, U.S.A.   The home page had a photo link that said, “Help our refugee families”.  The list of needs was complied using electronic signup software.  The description read, “Below is a list of needed items to house 3 incoming refugee families that are arriving between September 22nd – 30th. There is 1 Congolese family of 9, 1 Iraqi family of 4, and 1 Afghani family of 10.”  

It is your choice to ignore the plight of refugees or help to restore what they have lost on their journeys that often times have no destination.

FOODIEFAD hopes to bring awareness to the migration of people around the world and contribute to preserving their culture.


FuFu (Congolese)Recipe 

Boil Sweet Potatoes or Yams until soft

Mash completely adding butter

Work into a dough like consistency

Shape into balls

Tear off a piece and shape into a scoop with your fingers

Eat hand to mouth by dipping the FuFu into soup

or scooping up a piece of meat.



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