Purple Cauliflower: Edible “Bouquet” from Vashon Island WA

Vashon Island is a travel destination reached by a 20 minute ferry boat ride from Seattle, WA.  Notable commercial growers and small organic grower operations provide a cornucopia of fruits, vegetables  and flowers to local markets and farmer’s markets.  My sister sent me a special gift packed in my husband’s carry-on luggage.  She was a bit mysterious about it while noting, “be sure and refrigerate it”.  Indeed, (upon unwrapping) it was the most beautiful colored vegetable I had ever seen.  It was like a Purple “Bouquet” of flowers….except 

edible!  I repeat:  “EDIBLE”! purple-cauliflower-edible-bouquet-foodiefad-com-copyrightI gave it some thought and without question knew the best way to prepare it whole was with my Kuhn Rikon Duromatic, tm pressure cooker http://us.kuhnrikon.com/.  Upon rinsing it with water I carved out the base with leaves attached and set aside.  I did not consult the guide as my experience told me, “bring to pressure to the 2nd mark” and take off the burner.  Within 8 minutes the process was over as signaled by the pressure valve release.  While the Cauliflower was cooking I quickly made a Roux with Butter, Flour and Milk; adding grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese.  Portions were easily served with a tong because the pressure cooking method yields a perfect, tender result with color retained. Watch the beautiful foodiefad video (only a minute + long) on YouTube: https://youtu.be/2NjxtMPT9zQ.  Please note:  I believe in the Kuhn Rikon Duromatic tm pressure cooker.  It is easy and safe to use provided the manufacturer instructions are followed.


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