Appetizers inspired by a gift from the Ukraine

I was presented with a hand carried jar of processed Ukrainian market Peppers and Tomatoes prepared and canned with love.  I stared at the delightful contents through the glass jar for weeks on my counter.  I contemplated how to best present and share this gift of “gold”.  I wondered if “Anna” would know how much this handmade gift meant to me.  After all…I had never met her in person.  Her love was felt in the hand carried gifts brought back by her friend.  I studied the foreign language on the metal lid and thought, “I have never seen a more cleverly invented seal design”.cucumber-appetizers-foodiefad-com-copyright

 The contents served several groups of house guests in a lovely Cucumber appetizer I designed.  I will remember the taste all my life and will never be able to duplicate it.  I am sharing this with you today…

One of my favorite kitchen Gadget is a Melon Baller or “Parisienne scoop”.  The rounded spoon cuts and releases a perfect ball shape.  I modified the use in this case by cutting half a ball from fresh cucumber slices cut in 3/4″ bases.  Look at the photo as the idea is lovely and requires no skill…only your imagination and creativity.  One bite Appetizers like these are refreshing and in this case share a gift from the heart from afar.  I am so thankful for the kind gesture from a new friend from the Ukraine.  I have come to understand nothing is wasted she buys at the market while fruits and vegetables are in season.  Simply prepare, process and preserve.  

Fit yourself into this scene below and feel the love from the Ukraine!  I am very thankful to receive the bountiful gifts from a kitchens around the globe.  



My family on my Mother’s side lived and farmed in the Ukraine before immigrating to the United States of America.  This gift is from the soil of my family history.  I have tasted the very fruits from the soil of my homeland.


God Bless You Dear Readers!

Karen Jo Waterford

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