Spring is inspirational…listen to Nature “Speak”

#FirstDayofSpring has arrived!  Nature knew it was coming for weeks as the days are longer and my horses are shedding their winter coats.  My morning chores provide all the #meditation…and #prayer time needed to start my day.  I admit the cares of this world interrupt my creativity.  World news topics provide an endless source of concern causing sleep deprivation and need for reassurance.  Faith and trust in a living God deliver the answers in His time.   

The birds of the air and the animals in the field are sending a message to humans,  “Worry not, my nest is lined with a warm furry wool and I have seeds, water and hay”.  Animals “speak” loudly without making a sound.  Are you listening?  Perhaps not.  My writings have been inspired by my observations in nature recently.  

Thus,  I share my this story.  Do not cast away things you might consider trash.  There is always a way to use discarded materials.  I muck stalls, clean water buckets, feed pellets and hay every morning while spending time to curry the animal’s coats.  There was so much hair shedding from horse’s coats this year.  I usually pick it up in thickets and put it in the manure bags until I observed the Sparrows hopping near the barn and quickly plucking tufts of Horse hair for their nests.  I no longer throw the hair away.  It always disappears and most certainly lines the nests for the birds laying their eggs.  



Every natural material is important.  We have become accustomed to synthetic wool, carpet padding made from plastics and have forgotten about the Horse hair padding that used to pad our carpets of old.  Nature has taught me something this spring.  Listen and watch…nature will teach us about the value of life and the patterns that repeat with the seasons.  

Thank you for reading!

Karen Jo Waterford

 Post Script: Our foodiefad team is still here behind the scenes and will be bringing you stories and more recipes.  The contact forms, emails and Word Press registrations are averaging 50-60 a day.  Our small staff is unable to reply or respond to everyone.  Your consideration is appreciated.  

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