Flower “Language”

There are international communications that “speak” in a language understood by all nationalities.  Flowers have a “language” that transcends all barriers of communication.  Understanding spoken or written language is challenging.   Flower communication is received by all people.   People challenged with disabilities like hearing loss or blindness understand the “language” of a flower.  A flower has the “language” of scent while sighted people experiencethe visual impact of beauty and display of color.  There are trademarked sayings that capitalize on the “language” of flowers.  The commercial growers of cut flowers ship worldwide by air freight.  The flowers at most grocery stores in the U.S. have passed through the hands of field workers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers before they reach the hands of the floral designer…finally the purchaser.  Like fresh vegetables and fruit, flowers are a perishable commodity.  Every person hopes the flowers they give will last longer than a day.  I encourage my readers to consider growing their own flowers.  Wildflowers are easily planted by seed along roadsides in the spring where they receive more precipitation due to run off.  Flower bulbs may be “forced” indoors and some plants bloom indoors like the wax plant Hoya carnosa.  The very cuttings from this plant may be rooted and given as a gift.  


The most beautiful flower gift is the one grown in your own garden.  Even if they wilt in a few days, the expression of the gift lasts long after the flowers dry.  I had an experience yesterday that inspired this post.  I left the studio in a hurry to pick up my dear Mother to visit some wonderful friends of hers from home.  These friends (former neighbors) have stayed in touch over the years and used to mow my parent’s lawn when they were unable to.  I decided the gift I would bring was cut roses from the studio gardens.  I received a thank you email today saying this, ” I’m enjoying the pretty roses today.  They are opening and saying’have a nice day!’ Thank you for them!”

Flowers have individual meaning.  Knowing someone’s favorite color might help you to select the perfect flower gift.  Men and Women enjoy flowers.  There are flowers worn in the form of leis at graduation and flowers received when deplaning an aircraft in the Hawaiian Islands.  They say, “Congratulations and Welcome” without a word spoken.  

I hope this post will encourage you to comment about some of the flowers you have received that have “spoken” to you.  

Karen Jo Waterford

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