Product review: Charles Viancin Silicone Lids

The foodiefad team members recommend products that are purchased, personally tested for extended time periods and in this case recommend as items everyone should purchase and use in their home or commercial kitchens.I have not been paid to write this review.  Readers will be notified when this team talks about products that sponsor this site. 

Our studio kitchen has an upper cabinet with various food wraps, parchment paper and aluminum foil.  I have a drawer at home that has much of the same.  Like many of you I have purchase and fought with many plastic wraps that refuse to tear, unroll or seal. 

The fight at home is OVER now!  My local Hallmark card and gift store, Sarahs in Mesa, AZ buys unique products.  I purchased my first Charles Viancin silicone lid there and was fascinated with the instant tight seal that locked in my fresh ceramic bowl contents.  The ladies in Sarah’s Hallmark know me well as a customer that has shopped there since the shopping center was first built.  I have given these silicone lids for gifts and know that Amy Casaldi (foodiefad team member) uses her large Banana Leaf design lid over large hot casseroles.  The beauty of these items always add to the presentation and keep contents fresh, hot/cold, crisp and airtight. 

I have photographed my collection that is the Hibiscus design.  I will be ordering direct soon because all the available designs are pictured on the manufacturer’s website.  I read the designer’s inspiration story.  This company is worldwide.  Their trademarked “Inspired by Nature” slogan is exceptional.  Please view this page on their shopping site and you will agree!  Mother’s Day in the United States is May 14th.  This site has beautiful flower and leaf designs for their products that all come with a practical purpose. 

Here is the photo of my bowls sporting their CharlesViancin (trademark) lids. Look close…I used a beverage lid to cover my crystal candy dish.

Thanks for reading!

Karen Jo Waterford

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