The Newest Wine Glass You Didn’t Realize You Needed…

The foodiefad team members recommend products that are purchased, personally tested for extended time periods and in this case recommend as items everyone should purchase and use in their home or commercial kitchens.  I have not been paid to write this review.  Readers will be notified when this team talks about products that sponsor this site. 

In this case this new product has caught our eye and we wanted to let our readers in on this while the company was just getting the product out. 



Until I became aware of Vacanti Wine Glasses’ Spirale glass I had thought that sediment in red wine or white wine tartrates was just part of what happened from time to time, more depending on your choice of wine.  The problem is it is never a good taste when you swallow this and while filters on decanters can help, they don’t remove it all.  Then I learned about the Spiral wine glass from Vacanti.  This glass has been in development and testing for five years, the creators and founders Margarita and Patrick Vacanti, recently discussed this and more during a live discussion on their Kickstarter campaign.  Interested in learning more?  View the video below and click on the link to check out their Kickstarter, along with more videos and education.  I can’t wait to start using my wine glasses when they are delivered in the Fall, just in time for the holidays!  This is the best new product for wine that I have seen.  Innovation and passion created this product that foodiefad believes will trend and become used widespread and that is something I will toast my glass to! 


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