The Sea Calls…

My footprint impressions washed away on the incoming tide.  I whispered “Good Bye” while tracing my path back through the Sea Grass with a small piece of driftwood held for memory sake.  I listened to the sound of U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter blades coursing North and South along the shoreline.  A young person (early twenties) was swept out to sea the day before and the search continued.

Fishermen respect the power of the wind that churns the Oceans to a White capped froth; yet the call of the Sea for the “Catch of the Day” overrides the landlubber’s life.  It is the duty of those who partake the treasures of the Sea to relish every bite.  The Captain’s table  is always set with a score of courageous stories that lived beyond fear.  Do partake and remember those who never came to shore again.  They are sorely missed.

Westport Marine Industry foodiefad.jpg

The fresh caught Halibut was worth the price.  It was hand cut, never frozen, breaded lightly; fried to a gentle crisp with tender flaky white fish of delicate flavor.  The local seafood restaurant called “Bennett’s Fish Shack” in Wesport, WA facing the Fisherman’s Terminal needs no advertisement.  Tender fried clams in a combo plate, hand cut French Fries, along with Beer Battered Cod were known as BEST around Grays Harbor.

Halibut & Cod at Bennets Fish Shack Wesport WA copyright foodiefad

There is a memorable walk near the historical  Grays Harbor Lighthouse, WA The walkway near the sea is accessible.  There are memorial benches along the way.

This website has many food inspired blog posts and recipes but we always strive to mention the harvesters of food.  It is a privilege to taste the fruits of their labor.

Karen Jo Waterford   The Sea Calls Copyright foodiefad




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