All I want for Christmas is Jalapeno Tuna

I completed my online order today at Merino’s Seafood Market & Cannery in Westport, WA before there is a run on canned Jalapeno Albacore Tuna.  That’s right, you heard it from me, “Jalapeno Tuna”.  This is the best canned tuna I have ever eaten!  The addition of Jalapeno flavors the fish during the canning process delivering a subtle, fresh fish flavor.  I have tested this product in many recipes; people who eat it rave about it.  I enjoy it fresh out of the can, in salads or casseroles.

Merino’s Jalapeno Albacore Tuna

Our family have been customers of this cannery since my father was a sport fisherman on charter boats in the early 1960’s.   My Dad would take his fresh catch of fish in and come out with a bag of shiny cans of fish.  In children’s terms this was “MAGIC”!

Sourcing a quality canned seafood product for your larder may not be on the top of your shopping list.  This catch is a KEEPER! Their website features many local seafood products and special gift packs for Christmas Gifts.

Westport is a fishing town on the coast of WA that employs local workers to process seafood.  It is a vacation destination.  The city has many special events throughout the year. Locate fishing information for this coastal area and introduce yourself to the bounty of the Pacific Ocean.

Now you can order your canned seafood.  My order is in.

Karen Jo Waterford


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