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#ICANCOOK  hashtag campaign definition: the product of making something by yourself that is nutritious and tastes good.  The energy to create a meal is subjective.  Let’s use the example of someone who used to enjoy cooking for a family and is now alone.  Cooking for that person might be as simple as microwaving a frozen packaged meal or making a sandwich.  No shaming please!  I think nothing of opening a can of Pinto beans and remind myself that some people who have lost strength in their hands are unable to operate a hand crank can opener at all.  Know anyone like this?  Grocery stores do.  There are packages of ready chopped ingredients in the produce department and the frozen food sections for example.  Pinto beans are now available in a pouch you simply open with a “zip” and add boiling water.  The miracle of instant potatoes is a gift to people in remote areas with limited fuel.  Most people take boiling water for granted.  Try it sometime with a pan in an open fire.  You will no doubt classify the operation as “cooking”.  

The photo subject was recently in my home kitchen.  It was my intention to inspire her to cook a very special entree by herself to enjoy.  There was a recipe outline used to reference the ingredients and simple “how-to’s”.  I describe her willingness to participate as polite.  Politeness changed to engaged interest.  Interest then produced an application for use.  One of the ingredients proved to be a nutritious  additive to an otherwise vegetarian entree.  End result was a discovery of a simple snack made with one ingredient easily in a non-stick frying pan.

One of my go to ingredients is Rice.  The ratio is always 1 to 2: one cup rice to two cups water.  Brown rice takes 45 minutes and White rice takes about 15 minutes.  Rice is a perfect base layer or side.  

A notable character trait is “Independent”.  The #ICANCOOK campaign gives this gift to anyone participating.  The price tag is $00.00.  Are you ready?  

Share your story in the comments.  We will read them and hope to share some of your experiences.



Protein Snack Recipe

1 – 16 oz can Garbanzo Beans: drained and dried

Shake the beans in a plastic bag with a handful of flour.

Coat Non-Stick Fry pan with oil.

Sauté  floured Beans until golden brown. 

Cool on paper bag or paper plate to wick up excess oil

Season with Sea Salt and enjoy


Vegetable Sauté

Cut your favorite vegetables in bite size pieces

Suggestions include: Bell Pepper, Onion, Carrot, Celery, Peas

 Sauté until cooked through yet crisp

Season with a splash of Soy Sauce 

Finish with a handful or two of the Garbanzo Bean snacks and serve.

Note:  The flour coating on the snack beans will thicken the recipe liquid.






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