BOG BLOG: Floating Fall Cranberry Harvest in Washington State U.S.A.

The foodiefad team visited Cranberry Bogs located in Grays Harbor County, WA U.S.A.   near the Pacific Ocean coastline.  The Cranberry Festival is an annual event in the town of Grayland, WA U.S.A.  The seasonal event calendar for Westport-Grayland Chamber of Commerce  is an excellent vacation planner site.  Your visit will be remembered for a lifetime.

These photos represent two visits this year.  Beehives are present in the springtime facilitating pollination of the Cranberry blossoms.  We describe the experience using the word Beautiful but remind our readers that all the five senses are stimulated while visiting the Cranberry Bogs.  The eyes translate what appears to be a monochrome Pinkish field; yielding a fresh clean smell of the Pacific Ocean mist with delicate tiny blossoms peering above a wet spongy Bog bed framed by fragrant Evergreen trees.  The sound of the Wind is present while powerfully moving Wind Tower blades in the distance.  The labor to produce a Cranberry is evident.  One small fruit with so many edible applications is floated out in mass for a most colorful harvest.  Take time to visit the Ocean Spray website for a wealth of information about the harvest, recipes and products.

Foodiefad tip:  float whole Cranberries in Champagne flutes of sparking water or wine for guests and float the berries in punch bowl at parties.


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