All I want for Christmas is Jalapeno Tuna

I completed my online order today at Merino’s Seafood Market & Cannery in Westport, WA before there is a run on canned Jalapeno Albacore Tuna.  That’s right, you heard it from me, “Jalapeno Tuna”.  This is the best canned tuna I have ever eaten!  The addition of Jalapeno […]

Add “Magic” to Homemade Chicken Soup

Homemade Soup should be the signature of every thrifty cook.  It doesn’t need to start with the can opener humming or the popping lid of a grocery store ready to heat gourmet soup.  These convenient soups have their place, but do not contribute to your culinary skills.  The word “Magic” is used to describe a Read more about Add “Magic” to Homemade Chicken Soup[…]

The Sea Calls…

My footprint impressions washed away on the incoming tide.  I whispered “Good Bye” while tracing my path back through the Sea Grass with a small piece of driftwood held for memory sake.  I listened to the sound of U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter blades coursing North and South along the shoreline.  […]

“Low Calorie” White Bread” – A Mother who Baked Love into her small town Herreid South Dakota U.S.A.

The most humble people on earth die with their biographies never written.  True stories are always a good read.  I listen intently to oral history; gleaning the precious “fruit” of life stories.   

Today, “meet” Lydia and her daughter Lilly Etta… […]

Flower “Language”

There are international communications that “speak” in a language understood by all nationalities.  Flowers have a “language” that transcends all barriers of communication.  Understanding spoken or written language is challenging.   Flower communication is received by all people.   People challenged with disabilities like hearing loss or blindness understand the “language” of a flower.  A flower has the “language” of scent while sighted people experience […]

Appetizers inspired by a gift from the Ukraine

I was presented with a hand carried jar of processed Ukrainian market Peppers and Tomatoes prepared and canned with love.  I stared at the delightful contents through the glass jar for weeks on my counter.  I contemplated how to best present and share this gift of “gold”.  I wondered if “Anna” would know how much this handmade gift meant to me.  After all…I had never met her in person.  Her love was felt in the hand carried gifts brought back by her friend.  I studied the foreign language on the metal lid and thought, “I have never seen a more cleverly invented seal design”.cucumber-appetizers-foodiefad-com-copyright

 The contents served several groups of house guests in a lovely Cucumber appetizer I designed.  I will remember the taste all my life and will never be able to duplicate it.  I am sharing this with you today… […]

Planting Trees: Fruit For the Next Generation


A child’s life is impressionable. My father shared stories about his early years before he passed away.  When he talked about the Great Depression I imagined his life as a young boy; working hard on the family farm along side his older brothers and sisters who shouldered the heaviest part of the work.  He tempered his description with references of, “we had no want because we lived on a farm”.  Hardships were about life and death […]

Purple Cauliflower: Edible “Bouquet” from Vashon Island WA

Vashon Island is a travel destination reached by a 20 minute ferry boat ride from Seattle, WA.  Notable commercial growers and small organic grower operations provide a cornucopia of fruits, vegetables  and flowers to local markets and farmer’s markets.  My sister sent me a special gift packed in my husband’s carry-on luggage.  She was a bit mysterious about it while noting, “be sure and refrigerate it”.  Indeed, (upon unwrapping) it was the most beautiful colored vegetable I had ever seen.  It was like a Purple “Bouquet” of flowers….except  […]

Compassion for Refugees: ACTION REQUIRED

Would you be willing to leave your homeland to save your life?  What would you put in your pocket to eat or sew into your hemline to save a precious item?  Does this sound like a story about the refugees in WWII?  No! This is current news.  Since I have written the first draft of this post many more souls have died at sea.  Listen to the silent cry buried in the news media and ask yourself, “would I be willing to help?”  There are many governments, organizations and church based groups who are acting by donating direct resources to refugee families.  The example set forth in this blog may be the “blueprint” you were looking for […]

Toast the Olympic Games in Rio with Guaraná

A visit to Brazil is a trip of a lifetime. The cliché could be applied to many countries around the world, yet this nation has natural resources, flora and fauna that are unique.

People gather to view the Olympic Games opening ceremonies; watching athletes from nations worldwide uniting in a spirit of peace. The excitement is shared between the athletes and their home countries.

The eyes of the world are on Rio. Toast Rio 2016 Olympic Games with […]

Pillow Fight “Down” Under

Laundry sorting enemy number one:  tag that says “DRY CLEAN ONLY!”  Disclaimer: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME

What are you able to accomplish at home on a three day weekend? Most people would say, “catch up on housekeeping and laundry”.  Laundry was at the top of my list during the 4th of July weekend.  Various common sorting techniques involve strategy.   Granted, it’s not a war, […]

Sisters Journey to America 1912 SS Oscar II

The year was 1912 in the month of September, the first day of the sea journey to America for four sisters from Sweden on the SS Oscar II.

Rosali Magnhild F. born 1894, Fanny Rebeck F. born 1885, Wendla Dorothea F. born 1890 and Anna Eugenia F. born 1898 left their home near Stockholm, Sweden sailing to  America for opportunities to work and one to sight see.  Rosalie’s daughter Gunny talks about her mother’s journey, new life in Newark N.J. and the unforeseen hardship for Wendla.  This story inspires new immigrants to learn the English language through their employment and church affiliation.  Legal immigration in the early 1900’s through Ellis Island offered hope, a promise of employment and faith for the future.  Photos that document immigrant’s sea journeys to America offer a vibrant look into the true courage of each passenger.  It is not often you hear about the journey through a living direct descendant like Gunhild […]

Greek Hospitality: “ You are my family!”

#WorldRefugeeDay is trending as we read about survivors beached on Greek Islands like driftwood after sea journeys in rubber rafts cast them ashore.  Organizations working with the Greek government provide humanitarian relief to refugees.  Some may be familiar to most, but often go unrecognized.  […]

Kumquat Trees “Leaf” a Sweet Legacy

I planted trees that have become my legacy.  When I am no longer living, many of the trees will continue to live and bear fruits and nuts.  Perhaps you would consider “leafing” a planted Legacy.  Trees are a home to birds and provide shade for animals.  Our family trees […]