November 24, 2015

Capt. John Broekhuizen, “The sky is not the limit”

John Broekhuizen, Videographer ©

I recently encouraged a family friend not to fret when you happen to be one applicant in a stack of 70.  I was hired as a pilot from a stack of 7,000.  Retirement has not changed my desire to fly the skies…though not as friendly at times. Filming travel documentaries is my business.   My family schedules preclude me from endless vacations.  Thus, the best place on earth for us is Disney World!  No kidding!  When you think of “a small world”, that song will be with you for a week, yet it is happiness that winds life’s drive and ambition.  Favorite country?  Well…skiing the Alps in Austria and Switzerland brings back memories of the agile time in my youth.  Perhaps the greatest joy is seeing the delight in my children’s life experiences.  I have mastered a Prime Rib in my BBQ “Grillzilla” (as I have nicknamed it).  My inspiration to cook came from my Mom, Ruth.  I prepare many of her unpublished recipes by heart.  My wife and I entertain occasionaly and prefer to spoil our quests.  Spoiled guests are friends for life.  Join the foodiefad team.  It should be a fun ride.

Capt. John Broekhuizen

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