The Sea Calls…

My footprint impressions washed away on the incoming tide.  I whispered “Good Bye” while tracing my path back through the Sea Grass with a small piece of driftwood held for memory sake.  I listened to the sound of U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter blades coursing North and South along the shoreline.  […]

Memorial Day

Image from NPR -Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images Today, many of us find ourselves off of work.  Some of us spend the day at BBQ’s or out of town on a weekend getaway.  Some of us camp or tackle a house project that requires a few days to complete.  Some of us spend the day in remembrance.  Some Read more about Memorial Day[…]

Flower “Language”

There are international communications that “speak” in a language understood by all nationalities.  Flowers have a “language” that transcends all barriers of communication.  Understanding spoken or written language is challenging.   Flower communication is received by all people.   People challenged with disabilities like hearing loss or blindness understand the “language” of a flower.  A flower has the “language” of scent while sighted people experience […]

Planting Trees: Fruit For the Next Generation


A child’s life is impressionable. My father shared stories about his early years before he passed away.  When he talked about the Great Depression I imagined his life as a young boy; working hard on the family farm along side his older brothers and sisters who shouldered the heaviest part of the work.  He tempered his description with references of, “we had no want because we lived on a farm”.  Hardships were about life and death […]

Eat your heart out!

Do you love to ski or snowboard?  How about going to a beautiful snowcovered mountain town just to enjoy some time with family or friends?  Or perhaps you’d love a weekend getaway to enjoy a hot tottie by the fire at a ski resort?  Whatever your pleasure, how hard would you work for your dinner Read more about Eat your heart out![…]

Lobster and Manchego Sandwich…lunchtime bliss…a leftover inspiration!

One of the things I love about being a teacher and teaching summer school is that I am off in the afternoon and can make lunch at home.  I recently took some leftover lobster, chopped it in large pieces, and created a sandwich.  I took a roll, added some mayo, the lobster, and manchego, baked Read more about Lobster and Manchego Sandwich…lunchtime bliss…a leftover inspiration![…]

The Most Romantic Restaurant

In June will be my husband Heath and I’s seventh wedding anniversary…lucky number seven. I have been thinking a lot about how we can celebrate it, what I can do, and perhaps what I can make for him…let’s put it this way I have a Pinterest board dedicated to the event.  We girls tend to Read more about The Most Romantic Restaurant[…]

Potlucks are Illegal in Arizona

First thought when I read this article was WHAT?!  Having been born and raised in Arizona I can remember attending church potlucks at my Grandma’s church or going over to people’s houses for barbeques and such that were potluck style.  To learn that potlucks are illegal in Arizona and Representative Townsend is addressing this law Read more about Potlucks are Illegal in Arizona[…]

Recipe Fail: How I Ruined my Banana Bread Recipe

Ruined.  One word, that is all I could use to describe it.  I really ruined a recipe I find to be an old stand by.  My banana bread is something I have been given many compliments on; so in an attempt to make it a complete meal I practiced with adding hemp powder.  Let me Read more about Recipe Fail: How I Ruined my Banana Bread Recipe[…]

Presidential Preferences

I just stumbled across this article and thought it was a fun way to end President’s Day.  When you look at the list of George Washington’s favorite foods: cherries hoecakes fish hot chocolate a big roast or Abraham Lincoln’s favorite foods: chicken fricassee gingerbread corn cakes apples almond cake do you find that you have Read more about Presidential Preferences[…]

What is convenient?

Today, I grabbed my jar of homemade vegetable soup and some crostinis to make a convenient lunch that I could heat up at work.  On the way home I purchased organic ramen at a healthy grocer so my sick hubby could make a quick soup while working.  Tomorrow I am planning to stop at Starbucks Read more about What is convenient?[…]