All I want for Christmas is Jalapeno Tuna

I completed my online order today at Merino’s Seafood Market & Cannery in Westport, WA before there is a run on canned Jalapeno Albacore Tuna.  That’s right, you heard it from me, “Jalapeno Tuna”.  This is the best canned tuna I have ever eaten!  The addition of Jalapeno […]

Memorial Day

Image from NPR -Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images Today, many of us find ourselves off of work.  Some of us spend the day at BBQ’s or out of town on a weekend getaway.  Some of us camp or tackle a house project that requires a few days to complete.  Some of us spend the day in remembrance.  Some Read more about Memorial Day[…]

“Low Calorie” White Bread” – A Mother who Baked Love into her small town Herreid South Dakota U.S.A.

The most humble people on earth die with their biographies never written.  True stories are always a good read.  I listen intently to oral history; gleaning the precious “fruit” of life stories.   

Today, “meet” Lydia and her daughter Lilly Etta… […]

Flower “Language”

There are international communications that “speak” in a language understood by all nationalities.  Flowers have a “language” that transcends all barriers of communication.  Understanding spoken or written language is challenging.   Flower communication is received by all people.   People challenged with disabilities like hearing loss or blindness understand the “language” of a flower.  A flower has the “language” of scent while sighted people experience […]

Cranberries with Port

Stop!  Do not get out the can opener…I am about to blow your mind with the easiest, tastiest side dish.  Making Thanksgiving dinner for everyone?  Perfect this will take no time.  Tasked with bringing a dish?  Great, this will make you a star.  No matter what your fancy, enjoy this dish that is not only Read more about Cranberries with Port[…]

My Thanksgiving Menu Revealed

2016 Thanksgiving Menu Baby Kale, Swiss Chard, and Spinach Salad with Roasted Vegetables and a Dark Cherry Vinaigrette Smoked Maple Orange Bourbon Brine Turkey Breast Cajun Smoked Turkey Breast Grand Marnier Apricot Stuffing Gluten-free Jalapeno Cornbread Stuffing Smashed Potato Casserole Modern Green Bean Casserole Roasted Butternut Squash Cranberries with Port Onion and Shallot Popovers Pumpkin Mascarpone Read more about My Thanksgiving Menu Revealed[…]

Planting Trees: Fruit For the Next Generation


A child’s life is impressionable. My father shared stories about his early years before he passed away.  When he talked about the Great Depression I imagined his life as a young boy; working hard on the family farm along side his older brothers and sisters who shouldered the heaviest part of the work.  He tempered his description with references of, “we had no want because we lived on a farm”.  Hardships were about life and death […]