November 23, 2015

Creative Welcome from Karen Jo Waterford

Karen Jo Waterford, Creative Consultant ©

Greetings fellow foodiefad members.

The inspiration for this website has roots in current worldwide unrest.  I check the pulse in many media news sites day and night.  Currently, there are groups of people migrating to find new homes in new countries.  I have navigated a rubber raft with oars in Puget Sound as a young girl during rough waves. The images of young children with their parents landing on foreign beaches resonates in my compassionate heart.  No one needs to leave their culture behind.  It should be welcome in their new land.  This site will serve to document stories about the roots all of us have through our past generations.  When my daughter was a toddler I found her taste for sardines in oil out of a can fascinating.  I realized she had a propensity for this food category.  Her strong will and fighting spirit had Viking (Norwegian) roots.  A light went on at that moment.  I hope our team is able to bring clarity to your culture.  Your cravings may have primal roots you may not be aware of.  DNA testing for ethnicity has the potential to unlock your native culture if unknown.  Once unlocked, you will discover that pushing the “Ancestry” door open will most likely explain why you have cravings for foods you have no explanation for. Join us on this expedition.

                                                                                                                                           Karen Jo Waterford

Definitively Approximate Cooking, Inc. joined the SiteGround Affiliate program. has had requests to share our hosting service provider.  I chose SiteGround for its immediate support staff.  I compared other hosting companies featured in a PC magazine article.  This special sale may be the perfect time to get hosting.  KJ 

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