January 15, 2016

Recipe Introduction

Marketing Manager

Amy Casaldi Marketing Manager

“What is Definitively Approximate Cooking and how does it relate to FOODIEFAD?  You might have found yourself recently asking these questions.  Definitively Approximate Cooking is the recipe arm of our passion about food.  We create new recipes, are inspired by ones we have shared with friends, and have improved on some of the classics based on our own tastes and preferences.  Definitively Approximate Cooking is the lifeblood of our organization because it isn’t a place to go find a recipe as much as it is a philosophy, a state of mind while in the kitchen.  Definitively Approximate is exactly that.  It is using recipes without precise measurements or adjusting because you don’t have an ingredient or experimenting because your cooking routine is getting stale. Our recipes are a jumping off point, a place for you to start, to get inspired, to make your creative juices salivate to the point you create your own Definitively Approximate creation.  It’s a place where you are safe to mess up a recipe and admit that adding cayenne just didn’t work for this recipe.  It’s who we are as cooks and it is certainly who our grandmothers and theirs before were as cooks.  We don’t all have the budgets, grocery stores, access to ingredients, weather, or tastes, but if you like to cook or you want to try to cook we hope you will enjoy this little corner of our passion.  Cooking exactly inexact, by taste, sight, or smell, is not a new thing, it is not a fad, however it is something that we as foodies hope to see brought back to the kitchen.  So go ahead, you have our permission, try venturing beyond your typical cookbooks and recipes, tell us how it goes…we want to hear about your wins and your losses because goodness knows we have had them both.  Join us and let us all start cooking a little more approximate!”

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