Norwegian Flatbread: Lefse

Lefse rolling, copyright

Potato Ricing Tool, copyright

Lefse is a Norwegian flatbread made with Potatoes.  Many cultures have similar types of bread with varied degrees of thickness.  Most unleavened flatbreads are rolled thin for optimum delicate texture.  My Norwegian relatives served the flatbread primarily with butter and offered granulated sugar or jam.  As a child I quickly learned [read more]to spread butter thinly to the very edge so the sugar crystals would stick all over.  Once the butter and sugar is spread evenly, I prefer to roll tightly  and cut into lengths for dainty consumption.  Eating Lefse politely is an art.  I would judge the level of politeness on how much sugar spills out (hopefully on your plate) when you lift the roll to your mouth.  Never lower your mouth to the plate! […]