Quick Dinner Idea: Charcuterie Plate

One of my hubby and I’s favorite quick dinners or light dinners is to make a characuterie plate. This is such an easy, good tasting, and fresh meal I am not willing to pay $15 to $20 for this while out at a restaurant. Grab some of your favorites…olives, fruit, marinated veggies like mushrooms or artichokes, Read more about Quick Dinner Idea: Charcuterie Plate[…]

Simple Solutions: Baked Cookies

It seems like one of the most talked about desserts that I hear friends say they love are baked cookies.  We’ve been eating them for years, but we are still raving about them.  I’ll admit, it is absolutely delicious to place your fork in a small dish or cast iron pan and pull out a Read more about Simple Solutions: Baked Cookies[…]

What is convenient?

Today, I grabbed my jar of homemade vegetable soup and some crostinis to make a convenient lunch that I could heat up at work.  On the way home I purchased organic ramen at a healthy grocer so my sick hubby could make a quick soup while working.  Tomorrow I am planning to stop at Starbucks Read more about What is convenient?[…]