Add “Magic” to Homemade Chicken Soup

Homemade Soup should be the signature of every thrifty cook.  It doesn’t need to start with the can opener humming or the popping lid of a grocery store ready to heat gourmet soup.  These convenient soups have their place, but do not contribute to your culinary skills.  The word “Magic” is used to describe a Read more about Add “Magic” to Homemade Chicken Soup[…]

Another week, another soup, Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Another cold week produces another hearty soup.  I am not a big fan of Chicken Pot Pie, the hubby is.  I love the filling but the pastry crust is not something I am normally in the mood for.  If I am going to make a pie crust then I say we should eat a traditional Read more about Another week, another soup, Chicken Pot Pie Soup[…]