November 23, 2015

Welcome from Amy Casaldi plus seasonal recipe

Amy Casaldi, Marketing Mgr

This recipe is perfect for outdoor celebrations.

Welcome fellow members!  My inspiration comes from my gift of hospitality.  In fact, our guests now have a place at our table my husband and I designed with the help of our sponsor who is a master cabinetmaker for over thirty years.  I married a handsome Italian gentleman who brought heirloom (secret) family recipes with him.  My cooking skills have become part of my legacy.  Nothing brings more joy to the table than friends and family.  Come along on this journey

Amy Casaldi


Here is my favorite seasonal recipe:

How to make a great Smoked Brisket


The night before cooking is the beginning of my Smoked Brisket story. You will need  flat or point brisket, about 5-6 pounds or 1 packer which is typically 12-15 pounds.  Rely on your creativity to make a seasoning paste of minced garlic, sea salt, parsley, rosemary, thyme, a spice for kick (like cayenne or a spicy smoking spice from a farmer’s market), and avocado oil.  You will also need beef broth or beef bouillon (I use a vegan beef one that produces great flavor) and apple cider or juice as well as a digital thermometer meat probe that will alert you to the temperature.  Review the steps below .   Amy                                

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  1. Trim brisket, inject meat with beef broth (1 oz. per pound of meat), cut slits into meat for overnight seasoning. Mix seasoning (all from above except avocado oil), place seasoning into slits of meat,  put in fridge to absorb overnight.
  2. Pre-heat/prepare grill, you’ll probably be doing this in the early morning hours because the key is a low and slow heat.  Take meat out and massage in avocado oil, more spicy mix, thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper.  
  3. Grill should be set to 225 degrees on smoke, if you don’t have a smoker then set try using a smoker tube or chips
  4. Cook until the brisket hits 150 degrees internal temperature
  1. Wrap brisket and add apple juice or apple cider (I like to move the brisket to a throw away aluminum pan for this step for easy clean up, you can use other types of juice, you’ll need about 2 cups) and cook until meat gets to 203 degrees internal temperature.
  2. Once at temperature allow the meat to rest for at least two hours. I do this in the oven at 170 degrees.  When ready to serve, slice brisket against the grain.
  1. Serve with your favorite sides and a bold red wine


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